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Recently, Eléonore Gnoumou, Aglow Burkina Faso National President, held a GameChangers seminar. Burkina Faso is a French speaking nation in northwest Africa.

Eléonore writes,

We did the GameChangers training on April 21th. It was great. Two officials from each province came. We were 35 women in total.

Along with another sister, Lucy GBODOSSOU, Advisor of the chapter of 1200 Lodgment, the Holy Spirit helped us teach. I taught the first 3 sessions and she taught the other two. Women have really received and I believe Aglow women from Burkina will truly be GameChangers in their homes, communities, and in our nation. They will not be the same. We have taken together the commitment to speak, perceive and think differently. Glory to God. Thank you again for making the French version available for us.

The GameChangers Manual, CDs and DVDs are available through the Aglow Store in English in Spanish. The French translation is available upon request.