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2018 Transformation outreach UgandaThe letter below was written by Fran Hallgren, the leader of the Aglow Transformation Team that visited Uganda this month – February 2018. The women and men on the Transformation Teams give their all – and then some – to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to people in the most remote places. This brief report gives a colorful – and real – picture of what they experienced. It is “A Day in the Life of an Aglow Transformation Team Member!”

I am so sorry (that you haven’t heard from us for several days) ...we did not know we would not have internet for 3 days! We left our hotel in Jinja and went to three VERY remote villages. The roads were poor and these villages were very far. But the greeting we got! Oh my! The African joy in seeing us in their villages! Some of the small children were afraid of us muzungus (white skin)...and they were always rubbing our arms to see if it would come

Everyone did their parts exceptionally well. We flex and improvise and whatever it takes to get the job done! We continue to see God move in power....salvations, healing and deliverances everywhere we go. The testimonies, teaching and preaching have encouraged and bolstered the local pastors and Aglow leaders.

We have now given away all of the Days For Girls kits, and everything else we brought to give away. Yesterday, we went to an orphanage as well as a school, too. Picture below is Patrick and Sarah giving Bibles to the older children. The crowds fill the rooms we teach in...and there are just as many outside listening as there are inside. And always so many children.

2018 2 13 trans biblesPatrick and Sarah giving Bibles to the older childrenWe are eating well...the typical Ugandan fare...but glad to be back in our Jinja hotel with AC, showers and a restaurant that has menus and waiters that understand English. The hotel where we were for two days...well the whole town power went no water to cook, bathe or flush...or run the fans at night, since they did not have AC. But this is a hardy team that rolls with the punches...joking, but never complaining about the adventure God has us on.

You can be proud of each and every one of them. All are pulling their weight, pitching in, sharing and so much more. They are all such a blessing!

Tomorrow is our rest/tourist day. We will go to the Source of the Nile, the Falls, and a little shopping. Yay! Everyone is looking forward to it...AND we get to sleep in tomorrow morning. We are happy, though quite tired...long hard days...but very fruitful. All glory to God for His blessing and anointing!

Fran, Delita, Pam, Becky, Brenda, Sarah and Patrick