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Dan Hammer

Aglow Commissioning for the Next 50 Years

At Aglow’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Richmond, VA, USA, a special moment occurred at the end of Dutch Sheets’ Saturday evening message. It was a time of commissioning Aglow for the next 50 years. Dutch began with the prayer for this once-in-a-lifetime event and then he called Dan Hammer, Senior Apostolic Leader at Sonrise Christian Center, Everett, WA, to participate in the commissioning.

  • You are going to dethrone what the enemy has enthroned.
  • You are also going to break the power of the power the enemy was given.
  • You are also going to see a new authority released through this commissioning.

Still Dan Hammer talking...

We are going to see the apostolic model of Antioch, Acts 13 released all over the world. There has been a building that has been built. The builders rejected the stone. The scribes, the lawyers, the Pharisees, they built a building but it was not built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. It was not built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets. God is restoring the church that Jesus died for. We are commissioning Jane tonight, and you are commissioned through her prayer. We are commissioning her to commission you because she is your apostolic leader.