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South/Southeast Region DC Trip

On October 8, 2023, a team of 7 intercessors from the South/Southeast Region led by Regional Director, Glenda Fleming, arrived in Washington, D.C.

Glenda said, “The team flew in and had dinner together. After dinner, we had a time of prayer and discussed that at each place we were sent to, we would pray for open doors and to close other doors. Keys, along with chess pieces, were brought to call a ‘checkmate’ on the activities of the enemy in D.C. We also brought salt to salt the land, understanding that a salt covenant was being entered into with Heaven bringing forth His purposes and heart for our nation’s Capital. 

The Lord instructed us to take the beautiful scepter that was made for our region that represents the scepter that the king extended to Queen Esther. Only God could have gotten it through on the airplane to D.C., but indeed He did! Every place that we went, we extended the scepter to our King of kings asking for our nation and D.C.

The next day, we visited the Old Post Office Bell Tower. It is a high place with views of the city in every direction. From there, we made proclamations and prayers that would soak the land the people of D.C. with hope. As we were in that high place, we remembered Moses and how he had interceded to break the bondage of the Israelites. We felt that God heard our cries concerning the oppression of His people in D.C. and our nation. As we declared from Proverbs 13:12, “Hope postponed, grieves the heart, but when a dream comes true, life is full and sweet,” we felt the Goodness and Sweetness of the Lord and knew He had heard our prayers. 

Having discovered that the land the Pentagon was built on was purchased for pennies on the dollar from an African American community in the early 1940’s, we took time to pray that those families who were deeply grieved by the loss of their community would come to the generation still living. We felt to call the Pentagon back to what its original purpose was to protect, defend, and operate under the Spirit of Godliness and honor. As we stood at the site where the plane hit the building on 911, we prayed before going into the Chapel to sing Amazing Grace. 

At Arlington National Cemetery, we honored all who were buried there, remembering their great sacrifice. We called back the love for God and America in our military and decreed that we are one nation under God. We prayed that the statue of General Lee would not be removed.

We had lunch at Mt. Vernon Inn, praying around the grounds. We visited George Washington’s grave where Joey McLean released a vision and prophecy about America that President Washington wrote. We sensed a major shift in the atmosphere. 

The next day we were up early to attend the prayer time at the Family Research Council. Then we went to Anderson House, a mansion built in 1905 to be a symbol of what the city was to be – a grand, modern city to rival European capitals, but with a patriotic identity and sense of history that would make it distinctly American. Lars Anderson died with no children and his widow gifted the mansion and its contents to the Society of Cincinnati. The mansion has been the site of hundreds of diplomatic, patriotic, and cultural events. Much history is displayed in this home and one has plenty of opportunities to pray. A very historical fact is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan on Dec 9, 1941 from this mansion. 

To close out the evening, we met Jay Johnson, FRC Prayer Director, to dinner at the Capitol Grill. While we were there, the debate was on as to who would be the Speaker of the House. We saw many of those who were involved in the debate and prayed as we saw them. 

The next morning, we took the scepter to the residence of the Vice President. As we extend the scepter toward the home, we prayed specific things that we will not mention publicly. 

Next, we went to meet with Peggy Nienabor from Faith and Liberty Ministries in front of the Israeli Embassy where we were included in a live prayer vigil for Israel and all who had lost their lives in the very recent attack. Glenda was invited to pray about the attack in Israel just a few days earlier. Each member of our team was given roses that we laid in front of the Israeli Embassy in memory of the fallen. 

After lunch at the American Christian Trust with several ministry leaders, we went to the National Cathedral where we salted the soil in the rose garden and planted our chess piece after a time of prayer and prophecy. 

Because it was Wednesday evening, we were able to join Dan Cummings of Capitol Worship. We were able to go to the Rotunda where we prayed, worshiped and took communion. We certainly felt this was an Esther moment and that we were born to be there in that exact place at that exact moment. 

Our last day of praying was spent at the White House and the American Center for Prayer and Revival. As our feet touched the grounds of the White House, we knew we were in a spiritual battle. Many times, the wives of Presidents had set up seances and had full-blown psychics come. We repented and cleansed the White House and established the Presence of the Living God to dwell in that house. 

Glenda ends with, “We were honored to represent Aglow International on this trip. May God continue to use this ministry for His Glory to once again be seen over and in Washington, D.C.”