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A Harvest is coming

During the summer, we received a letter from a young woman who was living on a special ranch for women in California. Many of the women there were homeless and have endured trafficking, kidnapping, and physical abuse. We will call this young woman ‘N’. ‘N’ and other women from the ranch attended an Aglow event at a local church.

‘N’ said,

“It truly touched my spirit to see how amazing God is in the women that represent Aglow. The speaker was incredible and they provided us with so many things that are needed at the ranch. Everyone poured into us.

Your organization is truly an inspiration to women to not feel judged, to not feel that the women were being fake was a blessing in itself. I want to thank you for showing me that God is love. You are amazing women to be around.

Thank you for blessing us and showing us that while there sometimes seems there is no goodness in the world, God’s goodness IS there and He is LOVE. Thank you for building us up. Thank you for being a blessing in the lives of so many women.”

For over 57 years, Aglow gatherings have provided a safe haven for those wounded, hurt, lost, depressed, and in need of a touch from God. A smile, a hug, a kind word is all it takes to lift oppression from a wounded soul. A harvest is coming, are you prepared to love them to wholeness? Start practicing now so that when they arrive, you will welcome them with open arms.