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North Central Region DC Trip

Dana Enright, Regional Director for North Central Region, led 3 others on the December monthly prayer journey in Washington, D.C. 

On their first night in town, they spent time in the Prayer Room at the American Christian Trust. Early the next morning, they were up for the Prayer Tour with Jeff Wright who always takes the Aglow groups to key places for prayer. Praying as they went, they learned the rich history of the prayer movement in this strategic town. 

The next stop was David’s Tent, a favorite place to pray and worship. Even though Jason Hershey was out of town, they had a powerful time of prayer. 

On Monday, the team met with a representative from the Israeli Embassy who brought them up to speed on the current situations concerning Israel. Being able to pray after hearing information from those who know causes us to strike the mark in prayer. The team noticed an increase in protests at the Israel Embassy. 

Following that powerful time of prayer, they made their way to the Capital to meet with the Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, Margaret Kibben. The time with her is always key and after they had prayed for her, she invited them to sit in the balcony of the House Chamber as she opened the session in prayer. The team did have to go through security, leaving all their belongings to be picked up after the session. The security guard told them that it was quite an honor to be able to go into the balcony of the House Chamber like they did. 

On Tuesday, the team met Pastor Cummins at the Capital, then went back to the Trust to meet with a representative of the Persecuted Church. 

The team was able to attend a special time of singing Christmas Carols at the Capital. It was so powerful to see so many government people there participating in a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth. A couple of the team members stayed longer to attend the Faith and Liberty Living Nativity scene in front of the Supreme Court. Going in December opens the door to many special events. They also attended a special Hanukkah party with the lighting of the first candle. There were many representatives of many prayer ministries and Dana was asked to represent Aglow in prayer. 

On a side note, they went to a prayer meeting at Sean Feucht’s apartment. One of the prayer leaders was Senator Josh Hawley’s assistant. It was a special evening of prayer with these young, burning ones. 

If you would like more information on the monthly prayer journeys to D.C., contact your Regional Director.