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2024 1 2 hats offLorene CarlsonFor many years, Lorene Carlson worked in the Executive Department at Headquarters and in the Prayer Department overseeing the House of Prayer before her retirement. Since then, she has found many ways to keep showing the love of God to all those around her. 

For the last five years, Lorene has knitted beanie hats for the homeless in her community. This year, she worked diligently and was amazed that she finished 100 hats to be delivered to those in need. 

Lorene said, “This year I gave half of the beanie hats to the Lighthouse Christian Ministries in Wenatchee who sponsored a Christmas banquet. They operate a food bank, serve free meals, and also do church services for those without a home. The other half of the hats will go to the Wenatchee Rescue Mission which provides 70 beds for homeless people in another part of town.”

As you look at the photo of Lorene with all the hats, you can see all the love and hours of work that went into knitting 100 hats. Lorene said, “This is just a simple way that I can remind people that Jesus (and I) really do care! I love to be creative with the color combos, mostly working on the hats in the evenings while watching Hallmark or other movies. I start in late summer and usually finish in November as the cold weather arrives.”

Lorene told us that she watches for sales and will buy 1-pound skeins of yarn. 

Our hats are off to you, Lorene, for using your great gift of love to bless others. 

What is your Aglow group doing in your community? How are you impacting the lives of those in your sphere of influence with kindness! Tell us your story