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Cozy Blankets

Rita Gorski, President of Orange County, CA Area Team, along with her team members began to toss around ideas for an outreach within the boundaries of their Area. As they talked, they noticed that their hearts kept being turned toward children. Rita recalled a real-life story about one of her granddaughters who was nine years old. This precious granddaughter had to spend four days in the hospital and felt miserable. 

The hospital had a group of volunteers who would bring gifts to each child to cheer them. Rita’s granddaughter received a soft, cozy blanket that someone took the time to make and she loved it! Rita said, “My granddaughter is now sixteen and she still treasures this special blanket.”

As she told the story to the team, they decided that they would make soft, cozy blankets to take to hospitals for the children who had to stay. As they did research, they discovered that the age group most lacking special gifts were teen boys, who, surprisingly, enjoyed the blankets as much as the younger children. 

The Area Team notified their Lighthouses and soon, groups began to meet to make blankets. As they worked on the special gifts, they talked and sang. They loved the task and found that they had one one-on-one time with people they hadn’t really spent time with before and they all became fast friends. 

To date, the groups have made 24 blankets and delivered them to the hospital. Rita said that the blankets require no sewing skills and it is easy to do. They make sure that those families receiving the blankets know that Aglow made them in hopes that they will contact Aglow in the future.

Rita said, “In truth when anyone feels poorly, they feel better when pampered a little. This is a small way we can give to our community while making friends along the way.”

We encourage you to ask Holy Spirit how your team can become a visual aid in the community by meeting a practical need. Let us hear your story! Tell us your story