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 West Virginia Area Team Update

After we received the minutes from the West Virginia Area Team, we asked them to expound on the activities of their Lighthouses and we wanted to share this information with you, too. Deborah Knotts, VP of Administration, and Priscilla Weaver, President, of the Area Team filled in the details.

 “At the conclusion of the National Day of Prayer events held on the Wood County, West Virginia Courthouse lawn, the officers of the Parkersburg Community Lighthouse were approached by a leader who organized the event asking if we would be willing to meet with the Mayor of Parkersburg and the Mayor of Vienna on a monthly basis to pray with them at their request. We agreed that we would join this small prayer team and have been faithful to this call for over a year now. The Mayors look forward to this special time and we have seen many answers to these earnest prayers. Aglow has also been invited to pray at the flagpole and to come into the chambers during city council meetings (where there is usually a strong LGBTQ representation.) We try to attend these meetings as much as we can.

Aglow Parkersburg

Aglow Parkersburg does hold some traditional-type meetings with lunch provided and a speaker, but only a few times a year. We meet each Friday morning at the home of Aglow officer Debbie Knotts for “Crisis Prayer” in which there are 9 women coming (all attend different area churches) for targeted prayer and ministry. We have seen amazing answers. Only water is offered and after two hours, the ladies are expected to disperse. This makes it possible to continue hosting and this meeting has been going on, uninterrupted, for over two years now. 

It was this Friday morning group that took 3 Fridays to “Paint the Borders” of our state along the Ohio River by taking a couple of cars and visiting strategic sites along the river’s edge where we prayed, decreed, declared, performed prophetic acts, and genuinely and powerfully felt the Presence of God at each of our 6 locations.

On our last Friday of “Painting Our Borders,” we laid out a full-sized map of West Virginia on a table, anointed all the boundaries with a roller-ball of oil, and, again, prayed, decreed, and made declarations. The following Friday were given to prayer for all schools in our area which we did by calling out each name and laying our hands on a printed list of the schools. Parkersburg Aglow supported the National Day of Prayer Assembly at the Vienna City Building flagpole along with approximately 30 other persons for prayer for their community. Parkersburg Aglow then went on to be at the Wood County Courthouse at noon where about 100 persons gathered for prayer over the 7 mountains.

Virginia and West Virginia Aglow

In June, Aglow women from Virginia and West Virginia met for prayer at a large farmhouse in Jane Lew, WV. This was a powerful meeting and felt to be very fruitful and prophetic. Those who attended found it to be wonderful and outstanding. It was felt the two states were reunited spiritually. The activities included a literal mountaintop experience on a hill with three wooden crosses. The Spirit was so weighty that no one wanted to leave and the meeting continued until past dark.

Participants were to read and meditate on Ezekiel 36. One lady saw parallels with mockings and word curses. After taking authority over this spirit, prayers were made calling the people back to West Virginia. Another felt led to read Ezekiel 36, substituting the words West Virginia in place of Israel. All felt Virginia and West Virginia were being rejoined spiritually with healing and peace. For prophetic purposes, two sticks were sought.

Amazingly enough, during the search, two grapevines were discovered that had been entwined and secured by tendrils, making them very securely fastened. The ladies then took soil that came from each of the counties of West Virginia and Virginia, mixed them together with substance from Israel, and poured it at the base of the knitted-together grapevines.

Princeton Neighborhood Lighthouse

Princeton Neighborhood Lighthouse opened this summer and has hosted two meetings to date and the officers are meeting weekly for prayer. A brochure introducing Aglow to the neighborhood was prepared and distributed as well and handouts were given out at the recent August 12 meeting which had twelve persons in attendance. Area Team President, Priscilla Weaver, was able to attend and was very pleased.

Madison Aglow

Madison Aglow has been conducting a weekly Bible Study for Fulton House Recovery consistently for the past several months. The Bible Study has made an impact on these women’s lives as there have been salvations, spiritual restoration, and hope planted in the hearts of the ladies fighting addiction. Priscilla invited them to her home for a pool party and cookout which they so enjoyed.

During the previous winter months, the women also went to Priscilla’s home to help fill Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. They were even allowed to attend a special meeting for worship and prayer held in a local park hosted by Aglow working in conjunction with West Virginia Prayer Alliance.

Weston Aglow

Weston Aglow has been offering a class called “Grief Share” which has been offered twice and is well-received with 10-12 persons faithfully attending each session of this much-needed ministry for this area.

Weston Lighthouse had the privilege of meeting once again inside the courthouse for prayer and was well-supported by area pastors with 75-100 persons in attendance.

Grafton Lighthouse

Grafton Lighthouse is involved in area missions work with consistent efforts to reach out into the community for anyone who might be interested in the ministry of Aglow.

Grafton Aglow also organized an event that included area Pentecostal pastors and prayer was made over the 7 mountains of influence.

Morgantown Aglow

Morgantown Aglow met down on the waterfront for prayer, witnessing, and prophetic acts. Later they met with some area pastors for more prayer.

National Day of Prayer

Most of the West Virginia Aglow Lighthouses were very active in events for the National Day of Prayer. Madison Aglow President Gail Little and Area Team President Priscilla Weaver took the lead in organizing the events held on the Boone County Courthouse steps where 200-225 persons came out to attend. With support from community leaders and area pastors, the event began with worship followed by prayer covering the 7 mountains.

We would love to hear what the Lighthouses in your Area have been doing. You can send your report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are within the United States or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are outside the United States. Hope to hear from you soon!