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New York Painting the Borders

Painting the Borders of Western NY, Erie and Cattaraugus Counties

On August 31, 2023, the Springville Aglow Lighthouse Team went to a secluded area on Lake Erie near Snow’s Marina (on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation) to paint the border of Western New York, praying and pouring oil into the waters of Lake Erie that extends from Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls. Those present were Jeannie Gioffreda (Native American), Jeannette Young, Jean Snyder, and Barbara Tharnish. Later we prayed and poured oil into the Cattaraugus Creek in Gowanda. This creek flows from Lake Erie, along the borders of Erie and Cattaraugus Counties, and continues to Springville and further across NY State.

Holy Spirit led us to pray scriptures, take communion, worship and make declarations to command forward: Our Dependence on God with Robert Hunt’s prayer of covenant (1607) at Cape Henry and Psalm 22:27-28; America was raised by God to be a city on a hill; Declaration of Independence appeals; Leviticus 25:10 cited on the Liberty Bell; the three branches of our government according to Isaiah 33:22; NY State Motto and Preamble; and Clay Nash’s prophecy/prayer over New York State about the corrupt government official Shebna being replaced by an Eliakim, godly rulers from Isaiah 22. Jeannie prayed Mary Glacier’s (from Alaska) prayer that was prayed over the 300 arrowheads at Cape Henry on August 27th (with Dutch Sheets) representing the Native Americans. She continued to pray for her people. It was powerful. Psalm 91 was prayed for the protection of our state, our nation, our youth, etc. We continued to pray heartfelt prayers. It was a glorious day!

Aglow Lighthouse history: Jeannette was President and Jeannie was Vice President of the Gowanda Aglow Lighthouse for years. Barbara Tharnish was the Financial Advisor for Gowanda Lighthouse, WNY Area Team. Now Jeannette is President and Jean is Vice President of the Springville Lighthouse. Barbara is the Financial Advisor and Jeannie is the Advisor of both the Springville and Gowanda Lighthouses. WNY is our field of anointing!! We have spiritual authority here!

The pictures are of Jean, Jeannette, and Jeannie praying; Barbara, Jeannie, and Barbara praying/anointing at Snow’s Marina on Lake Erie. God is Faithful! Hallelujah!