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Boots on the Ground

Lydia McCroskey and her husband John, serve Texas as the State Prayer Coordinators. Recently they participated in a state prayer assignment as the South Texas Area Team put boots on the ground at the southern border of Texas. Others join in at different stations around Texas. For example, Margie Schmidt, President of the Southeast Texas Area and others from her team painted the border down by Galveston. Kate Hilliard, VP of Special Events on the South Area Team, went to the beach in Corpus Christi area. Carol Torrance, South Central Regional Director, Lydia and John joined in from their homes. 

Here is Lydia’s report:

“On August 26, 2023, as part of a national prayer initiative coordinated by Aglow Prayer Director Nancy McDaniel and then through State Prayer Coordinators of southern border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, the South Texas Area Team traveled to Brownsville, Texas to the Boca Chica beach to “paint the border”. 

This is the third time the Lord has sent them to this beach. Area President Ana Isabel (Belle) Segovia stated, ‘Boca Chica means ‘small mouth’. We believe this area is pivotal to the turning of this nation; therefore, we stand there. And when we've done all to stand, we stand! In the Name of Jesus, we stand for our King!’ While the team was praying intensely while driving on Boca Chica Blvd, Belle saw in the Spirit that the team was approaching the beach as if they were the head of an arrow or a spear. She sensed they were marching even though they were driving. 

At the shoreline they spent time with the Lord and enjoyed His Presence as they walked up and down the beach, blew shofars, waived their flags, worshipped, and prayed for many things. They also prayed over Space X which is very close to the shoreline. Afterwards, they were delighted when they drove through the border patrol checkpoint back into Brownsville, that their greeting of ‘God bless you’ to the border patrol agent, was returned with, ‘God bless you too!’ That doesn't happen too often, but they had the sense that the Lord was placing His people in key positions to stand for Him!

After praying over different parts of the city of Brownsville, they then prayed over the three international bridges in Brownsville: 1. Veterans ‘Los Tomates’, 2. Brownsville & Matamoros Express, and 3. Gateway International which is close to Fort Brown and to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley campus. It was a great day in the Presence of the Lord.

In other parts of Texas, Aglow folks prayed for the Gulf Coast from Galveston Island and areas south to Corpus Christi. Still others held their hands out to those along the southern border from Texas to California to pray in agreement for all prayers prayed on the southern border in Texas. And many used maps and oil to “paint” the borders of the whole state. During this national prayer thrust, in California our leader Nancy and her husband Dave and a group of Aglow gals prayed at a special place overlooking the border in San Diego, while SPC’s throughout the nation were praying and agreeing for this border prayer strategy. We believe that Nancy McDaniel’s vision of putting to rest the complicated issues at the border was accomplished. A Kingdom mission was accomplished for our King. More on that story is coming soon!”