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Brooksville Lighthouse Prayer

Cathy Caylor, Northeast Regional Director, tells of a powerful prayer assignment that the Brookville, PA Lighthouse completed on August 24th.

 “It had been raining all day as six of us met for special prayer for our schools and community, but God caused the rain to pause while we were out on assignment in Brookville.

There were six of us: Marsha Miles, VP of Ministry Development; Mary Mauk, Lighthouse President; Jane McKillip, VP of Financial Development, Ali Crouse and April Brosius, members of the Brookville Lighthouse and Cathy Caylor, Regional Director.

We divided up in 3 groups with 2 each to pray for 4 schools. We prayed for Christian Schools, daycares, elementary, and our local High School. We prayed for Jefferson/Clarion County Headstart, also including prayers for West Penn College, formally known as Clarion University. We anointed the doorways with oil, declaring blessing and protection over each child, teacher, and all staff.

We came prepared with water to cleanse, (Hebrews 10:22) oil to heal, (Mark 6:13), red wine and bread for life symbols of Communion (Romans 5:10) and salt to remember God’s Covenant (Leviticus 2:13).

After we finished praying for the schools, it began to rain again. But, we had one more assignment, and that was to pray at Jefferson County Courthouse. We prayed for our judges, county commissioners, and other officials, and the same for our town, county, state, and nation.

God was with us and His angels are carrying out our prayers for our children, the teachers and staff and for our governing officials. God is working and moving! He displayed His lightning in the sky and we heard His thunder. His rain was coming down! Holy Spirit is raining down upon us! Hallelujah! Glory to His Holy Name. We are waiting in expectation of what He will do.

We will set up another date to pray on major highways, waterways and high points. What a joy and privilege to pray & join with the angels to protect our treasures.”

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