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Mississippi Aglow Painting the Borders

As we began to hear Dutch Sheets talk about 'painting the borders with the oil of Holy Spirit' people and groups began to rush to their borders, eager to participate in this vital strategy. Knowing that a shaking is coming that will bring a reset in September, has everyone excited to work together to have the nation secured.

In Mississippi, Deborah Shirk, former Mississippi Area President, reports on how the assignment is being walked out.

As State Prayer Coordinator Genendal Fratantuono, shared what she had learned concerning Fort Maurepas, the Springs in Ocean Springs, and a restaurant that closed because of a shooting incident, a team of intercessors, with Genendal as lead, set out to break strongholds and release the power of God into each situation.

As the team met, they reclaimed neighborhoods infiltrated by darkness for God's Kingdom. As Graham Cooke taught us, we must call down all the Grace our communities need to see His Kingdom plans unfold before us. It is time for the harvest in Mississippi!

Our Jackson Community Lighthouse has partnered with the Bridging the Gap to see Pastors and leaders come together to will souls. Jackson Lighthouse hosted a special prayer breakfast for the gathering. Then Dana Caston, President of Jackson Lighthouse, and Mia Martin, VP of Administration hosted a meeting with Bridging the Gap and Metro, MS Go Tell America. They have joined to host one of the largest crusades in Mississippi through July and into mid-October. Again, it is time for the harvest in Mississippi!