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Prophetic Boot Camp

Sherry Anderson, Aglow Florida State Leader, holds Prophetic Boot Camp seminars hosted by the Area Teams in Florida as leadership training.

The most recent event was in July. Sherry began by sharing the things that hinder hearing God speak to us: the doubts, negative talk about our ability to hear Him, and our history and experiences from the past, including occult involvement.

She explained how to claim our baggage and deal with it. Along with repentance, we need to break the negative words we have spoken over ourselves. We must forgive ourselves and forgive others –including God –because in our eyes, He hasn’t done what we thought He could or should have done.
Corporately, the group was led in prayer, cooperating with God’s admonitions.

The participants paired off two by two and were instructed to ask the person for permission to practice on them. (This took off the pressure.) Then they asked the Lord to give them something to say that would encourage the person they were with. As a result, there was joy and even some tears as God touched hearts. For many, this was the first time they had received ministry in this manner, and others were amazed that God used them to bless someone! They were told that this ministry is valuable outside the church as so many people are hurting, lonely, and fearful.