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Praying California

Glenda Rocca, California State Prayer Coordinator, sent in a report of what is taking place in California as the nation has been called by leaders in the Body of Christ to ‘paint the borders’ and to ‘Command the Foreword’. (See Dutch Sheets Give Him 15 to find out more.)

Carolyn Suty, Southwest Coastal Regional Directory, has asked all 20 Areas in California to paint their borders with the oil of Holy Spirit. Through conference calls, every Area Team has written a decree, declared it, and all the other Areas have agreed with them. 

Glenda said, “As the State Prayer Coordinator, I am going to the borders of our state, starting with the West Coast. As I go, I am decreeing, declaring, and doing what Holy Spirit instructs me to do. I have been from San Francisco north to the Oregon border and I’ve gone by Mt. Shasta to pray there. Soon, I will go south and at the end of August, I will meet with Nancy McDaniel, Global Prayer Director, to finish up at the southern border of our state.”

 “We go to the Capital once a month and as part of the Capital is being torn down and rebuilt, we are proclaiming that our government will also be rebuilt. During the week, we have a conference call at 5:00 am where we all gather to pray for California and the nation. America is being saved!”

Through the years God has spoken to Aglow that we are a great apostolic presence in the earth; we are the tip of the spear; that wherever Aglow is, the water level rises; Aglow, you are anointed to change the atmosphere! Aglow, you are a giant-killing movement! Aglow, you carry an apostolic anointing to breakthrough difficult situations and to decree prophetic promises that bring life, health, restoration, and transformation to barren places! Aglow, from your position seated at the right hand of the Father, you will begin to model air supremacy around the world.

If you do not attend Aglow or have an Aglow group near you, consider starting one. Call us at 425-775-7282 and we will connect you with a leader who is over your community.