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Alaska Transformations Trip

Fran Hallgren, Assistant Director of Aglow Transformations, will be joined by Alaska Aglow and others on a short-term mission trip with Aglow International June 23-30, 2023, to reach the remote Native villages of Tigigak (Point Hope), which is so far out in the wilderness that they receive little attention. Many people come to Alaska but speak only in the main cities. This is good and needed. But God loves those in the tiny places, too. He wants them! So Aglow is going to them.

Fran said, “We are also working in cooperation with the Native leaders and local pastors. We have been given a welcome invitation by them. The main thrust of this particular mission is VBS – Vacation Bible School; getting the Word of God into the hearts of children. Every song, every game, every craft, and even the snacks reinforce the Bible verses they learn each day! We will also be doing community outreach each night, as well as Kids' Video Time in the afternoons.

We will be taking small bush planes to get to the Northwest coast of Alaska – which is three-fourths of the cost for each team member. We also need funds for ministry supplies and fresh fruit (instead of candy) for snack time. At the graduation, we will be presenting each child with special Scripture dog tags along with other special gifts. We are expecting 60-80 children - so lots of supplies are needed!

We are also having a Teen Night, Women’s Ministry Night, Community Outreach Night, prayer-walking, and more. Supplies are needed for all these events as well.”

Time is short for this trip. If you would like to donate funds to help someone else go or to be used to purchase supplies, click here to donate by PayPal. Remember time is SHORT!! Donate today!