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Mid-Atlantic Region DC Trip

In April, Gwen Campbell, Region Director of the Mid-Atlantic Region, led a group consisting of Mary Royster, SPC of VA, Jennifer Hartman, SPC of NC, Alice Holland, SPC of NVA/DC, and Susan St. Clair WC/VA Area Team to Washington, DC. Arriving early afternoon at the home of Terry and Tina Peck, the team was soon meeting and praying with their first assignment.

The next morning, they were up early and on to Family Research Council where they had the opportunity to pray with several interns before heading out to David’s Tent. The team was able to participate in worship, prayer, and communion. They were able to pray for some who were at the tent and needed prayer.

From David’s Tent, the team met with the leader of Faith & Liberty Counsel Ministries. This faithful leader has prayed with all of the Supreme Court Justices and teaches many Bible studies around DC. She told us that a lot of historically old churches in the area are being turned into LGBTQ buildings. We can call for the Spirit of God who is resident in these old churches to touch all those who gather to meet and bring forth His purposes for their lives.

Gwen said, “We were to meet with Jeff Wright for his city prayer tour at 7:00 pm. This was not the normal time for his scheduled prayer tour, but because of our unusual schedule, he was able to accommodate us at that time. For those of you who have gone with Jeff before, you know his regular route around the city of Washington. He takes us around all of the strategic places while we worship, pray, and make decrees over the different locations. We do this for our nation and other nations as well, as we pass a lot of the Embassies.”

The next morning, the team arrived at the U.S. Capitol to meet Karen, who was the Chaplain’s Assistant. Karen and her assistant took us to Chaplain Margaret Kibben’s office. Chaplain Kibben is the Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives and is the first woman to hold this position. She commented that 80% of the House of Representatives are the salt of the earth. (On the media, you only get one percent of a soundbite to show what is actually going on. The media only gives you the bad news and not the good.)

After meeting with the Chaplain, the team went on a tour of the Capitol with a young tour guide. We went out on the balcony off the Chapel to pray over the city and the nation and make decrees. The team then headed straight for the Chapel where they had a time of prayer for the nation, governmental officials, etc.

Gwen said, “After lunch, we stopped to “Feed the Potomac River” as Dutch Sheets had reminded us to do at Conference. We poured in salt, a couple of stones, a little dirt from our various states, dirt from Cape Henry, and another mixture of something that Alice had. It was a powerful time of prayer and proclamation.”

Gwen concluded with, “It was an awesome time of prayer. I want to encourage those in other regions to step up when you hear that your region is going into DC to pray. God provides, protects, and what He sends you to do is accomplished.”