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Parts of the puzzle

Often we hear amazing stories of how God provides the funds sent into the ministry. Earlier this year, an Aglow woman was expecting to receive a large amount of money. She told God that when that money came, she would tithe off of it to Aglow. Sure enough, the money came, and true to her word, she sent in a tithe. God was faithful and so was she!

This month, Headquarters received another gift from a couple, long time Aglow members, who will remain anonymous. Because of a certain situation in their lives, they had asked God to send the funds they needed to begin and complete an important project. The wait for the funds began. 

Here is the rest of their story. 

Years ago, an uncle’s wife joined with her siblings and purchased a large amount of land. Our Aglow friends didn’t really know the uncle’s wife’s side of the family very well and they certainly didn’t know about the purchase of land. The couple died without having children. When the uncle died, there was no mention of the land in his will. He simply left all he had to his siblings. 

Now, the wife's sibling's grandchildren are born, grown up, and decided to sell the land purchased many years ago. As the title search was going forward, it came to our Aglow friend’s uncle’s will which opened the door for them to become heirs. 

Our Aglow friend said,

“Even though we were one of many heirs dividing the price of this land, the funds that came to us were just enough to start the project. We are still praising God for this series of miracles. He is so good. I love His creativity and how all the parts of this puzzle had to fit together to get these funds to us. He is so able and His loving kindness, goodness, and mercy follow us all the days of our lives! May many more miracle funds come into Aglow this week!”

We are heirs and joint-heirs with Christ. There are funds available to us that we know not of. We want to encourage you to tap into the inheritance set aside for you. Who knows what is waiting for you to discover? Heirs and joint-heirs – that is who we are!