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GameChangers Group

Following our Area Retreat in August of 2022, the Washington North Sound Area Team has been meeting twice a month with a group of women in the Mt. Vernon/Burlington area which is north of the Aglow Headquarters in Edmonds. We are going through GameChangers together and we are having so much fun getting to know each other as the in Christ truths open our eyes to see ourselves as Heaven sees us. 

After trying the local library, one of the ladies opened her home for the group and while our beginning was a little technically rocky we soon decided to take turns reading each session in the manual. While we can’t hear the inflections in Graham’s voice and his British humor can be missed, we have had so much fun explaining what he means to those who have never heard this teaching. Designed to bump up against our religiousness and our negativity, the teachings have been met with gasps, sighs, and great delight as someone begins to SEE their way out of negativity and into the abundant life Christ provided for all. 

In our last two meetings, God has brought pockets of joy to us. The first meeting in April saw an ‘invasion’ of a mom with a small group of teens. Two were her daughters and two were friends of her daughters, one of which had NEVER been to Church! Imagine the joy of Heaven as we were able to lead the whole room in a prayer for salvation and then pray for the young women. Later that week, a grandmother of some of the girls called to tell us that ever since we prayed over them, they haven’t stopped talking about it. They had never felt anything like it and they loved it! 

The next week a new lady came who had only been saved for a month. She loved everything – the worship, the teaching, and the prayers. She had been diagnosed with COPD and had almost died in December. She came with a lot of fear and anxiety and we listened to her and then prayed. We look forward to hearing all the Lord has done in her the next time we meet. 

God is so good and He wants people in every community to find safe places of fellowship where they can grow in their identity and rise up to be an active part of the Body of Christ. We would love to hear your stories of how God has expanded the possibilities of who He is in your Aglow group. Our best days are not behind us! They are ahead of us! Tell Us Your Story