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His People Are Finding New Ways

Recently Laurie Lischke, Director of Donor Relations, reached out to Carolyn Williams, President of North/Central GA Area Team, and we wanted to share Carolyn’s response. 

Carolyn writes,

“It is our joy for Jim and I to give to Aglow. We realized with all the Lighthouses not meeting in person that donations to Headquarters may have dropped. We wanted to help by sending this extra gift in. Just this week, I encouraged ALL of our North/Central Lighthouses to give a love gift to Headquarters. You will be receiving one from our Area Team as well. We are all in this together!

Our Area Team has turned our Area into a house of prayer during this national crisis. When God dropped the idea in my spirit, I was able to contact my team, the Lighthouse teams, and be set up to go in 24 hours! We pray together every night at 7 pm, rotating all of our teams so each team leads once every 12 days. The unity among us has grown significantly and the Presence of the Lord has been powerful. Each time we have ended a cycle of 12 days, the women ask us to please keep the prayer time going. We sense God is doing a new thing amongst us!”

While the enemy meant the Coronavirus to cause a major disruption of life, God is in control of all things. His people are finding new ways to meet through technology and Aglow is propelling God’s Kingdom forward each day in creative ways. We would love to hear how YOU are staying connected.