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Longmont, CO Lighthouse Watches Convocation Webcast

Several months ago Helen Gouge, former officer of the Longmont, CO Lighthouse, hosted the Jerusalem Convocation in her home. Over three days, 10 friends gathered to watch 2 sessions each day. As Helen said, “Everything was good and I am so glad for each one who came.”

A suggestion came to skip through the announcements and worship and go straight to the speaker and on the first day, Helen agreed to try that. Wanting to experience the Convocation setting, Helen asked the group to ‘humor her’ on the 2nd day and to watch each session from beginning to end.

As they joined in the worship on that 2nd day, Helen said, “We began to feel God’s Glory enter the room. As Asher Intrater spoke and drew his message to a close, everyone was crying. We sat in awe and could not move as His Presence was overwhelming us in a very good way. Everyone was having a personal experience and there was a holy hush in the room. Finally, some began to pray out. We were afraid to move out of the Glory of His Presence that was tangible. I even extended an invitation for those who wanted to share lunch to come while others wanting to linger could do so. Several lingered.”

Hosting a livestream of an Aglow conference was new to Helen. She felt that she learned that it was better to participate as though they were actually there than to talk over what was taking place. Helen ended with this statement, “I will always live stream as long as I’m physically able.”

Watching by live stream, this group received an offering which Helen sent in with her note. 

If you or your group has not yet experienced the Jerusalem Convocation 2019, you can still purchase the webcast.  In fact, we suggest you use it for a monthly meeting to show those in your community who have not experienced an Aglow conference how special each one is. The Jerusalem Convocation webcast will be available to watch and watch again through August 31, 2020.

If you want to watch the speakers only, you can purchase each session by going to The Aglow Store.

And if your group watched the Convocation, we would love to hear your experience. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.