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SW Region DC Prayer Journey
Worship at the Tent of David in DC

Lenda Curtis, Regional Director of the SW Region and a team of 9 went to Washington, DC for the monthly prayer journey right before recommendations began to come forth from government officials to halt travel to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Members of the team included four who had never gone on the prayer journey and one husband.

Lenda reported that normally the airports are very crowded with students on spring break, but this time was extremely different. The team found that opportunity presented all along the way to pray, encourage, and assist others.

While they visited many sites from previous journeys into DC, Lenda and the team sensed a change in the atmosphere from the previous year. Before they sensed an antagonistic atmosphere, yet, hopefulness was in the air. Even the Uber drivers seemed to be happier!

Lenda reports,

While we were in the Capitol, we noticed scaffolding and other equipment outside the building. Dan Cummins shared with us that after the mid-term elections took place, a poultice was applied to the outside of the building to draw impurities from the stone. Then the poultice is power washed. The entire process takes two years.

We joined different ministries at Family Research Council for prayer and were happy to see Terry MacAlmon there. 

We noticed that at as we continued our journey, opportunities presented for us to pray, encourage, and assist others. We found ourselves sensing that we were at the right place at the right time.

One such place was Faith and Liberty. On our way in, we meet a couple from Virginia as they were leaving. He had just been accepted into the bar of the Supreme Court. Asking if we could pray for him, we had a wonderful time of prayer right on the sidewalk outside the building.

Each stop we made was an eye opener for the new members of the team. The information they received from the relationships we have forged through the years of going into DC, the people we met, and the different places were all designed by God to grip our hearts for those who are in DC daily, and to see the advancement of the Kingdom openly as well as behind the scenes.

We ended our time in DC with the same passage of scripture that we began with which is found in Numbers 31 where they were to take the spoils of war. Often when we finish a time of battle on these prayer journeys we forget to take the spoils of our time.

This year we were blessed to lead to Uber drivers to a greater revelation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ. One wanted us to tell him where Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one could come to the Father any other way than by Him. The other driver was so overcome with the revelation that he had to pull over as he wept. God is good. All the time.