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Aglow Prison Ministry 2019 Report

Recently Jill Meskimen, President of the California Prison Ministry, sent in the annual report for work done in the Aglow Prison Ministry during 2019.

Jill said,

As events in the world intensify, so does the work and the Word of the Lord! In 2019 we have seen the Lord work in such a mighty way throughout the jails and prisons in the State of California. God has not forgotten His promises. He has not forgotten the lost, lonely, prisoner, sick, or grieving. His hand is not shortened that it cannot heal and save! His love is everlasting and it goes forth penetrating the hearts of every sinner because He is a Friend of sinners!

The ‘Church on the Inside’ is very much alive and growing. There have been many times the inmates do the praying, the leading of worship, and speak out encouragement. They are our brothers and sisters. They have experienced the changing power of Jesus and know the difference between darkness and light.

The correctional officers know that when Aglow comes in to do a Bible study along with prayer and worship that something changes. 

There are over 2 million people incarcerated in the US and over $215 billion is spent to them keep them. Without the Lord, the recidivism rate is high, but the percentage of those who do NOT return is because of Jesus’ changing power in their lives. How can they hear if we don’t tell them? How will they know His love if we don’t show them?

Aglow has wonderful, anointed, faithful teams throughout California. For more information, to read testimonies, or to sow into the work, visit