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2020 Annual Rose Parade Transformation Outreach

Barbara Pritchett, San Gabriel Valley Area President and leader of this Aglow Transformation Outreach, met with 11 others for a time of prayer and worship before heading out to Colorado Blvd. where the Pasadena Rose Parade is held. Through the years we have found that the global crowd in attendance is receptive to hearing about Christ along with personal testimony from team members. We have given prophetic words, prayed with people, and had amazing conversations. We believe that 2020 has been the best Rose Parade yet!

The theme of the parade was ‘Power of Hope’. This was a perfect conversation starter. We were able to lead 10 people to Christ with many others listening in to the conversations taking place.

Two team members had just walked past a mom and her 2 sons. We felt Holy Spirit tell us to ‘go back’. We walked back and began to engage ‘Jasmine’ in conversation culminating with leading her in a prayer for salvation!

Patricia Lynn Taylor was a walking minstrel! Walking along with her guitar, she sang praises to the Lord. She was able to pray peace over a parade attendee from Mississippi and then watched as a young gal attending with her youth group was healed from dizziness.

The President of Aglow Pasadena, Thelma, found herself sharing a very clear message of the Gospel to a small group of 11 people who listened with great interest to her words.

Another member of the team, Bette, came prepared to touch hearts of children. Armed with piles of candy canes, she handed them out to grateful children, complete with the Story of the Candy Maker attached.

We found that believers in the crowd were blessed as we stopped to pray with them and we heard repeatedly how amazed they were by our outreach to the 700,000 parade attendees.

While it might seem an impossibility to make a difference, we are confident that our presence changed the atmosphere in the crowd. We would love for our team to grow to 1,000 lovers of God who invade Colorado Blvd. in 2021 with a testimony of hope that sees 1,000 souls come into the Kingdom. If you would like to take part, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , San Gabriel Valley Area President or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. See you in 2021 in Pasadena!