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Chico, CA Community Lighthouse

Recently, the Chico, CA Community Lighthouse held its Christmas celebration, inviting two special groups to come together for worship and testimonies. They were also celebrating the departure of the Lighthouse President, Kristina Roberts.

One attended gave this report:

“Today I attended the last Aglow meeting of the Chico, CA Community Lighthouse under the leadership of Kristina Roberts. Two recovery groups were brought together for worship and testimonials. As a long time believer, I watched people who truly were blind, but now can see, after having encountered the saving Grace of Jesus.

The joy and excitement in the room and the definite Presence of our Lord filled my heart with a feeling I had not known in awhile. As tears welled up and my heart bursting within me, I realized I had forgotten the feeling of pure love being poured out. All that mattered in that moment was the Peace of God that permeated every bit of my spirit, soul, and body.

Those who attended this meeting had all been in very dark places, many through no fault of their own, finding themselves trapped by difficult circumstances.

When the meeting ended, I sat in my car and observed these former addicts, and abused and forgotten souls smiling and laughing. Pure joy that shook my heart and made me think of how God is so merciful and kind towards us. I won’t be the same. Thank you to all involved for making this special time available to the community.”

It is His Presence that defines us. How is the Presence of God transforming those in your community?