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30 Hours of Worship Clarion, PA

Recently the Clarion, PA Lighthouse joined with the Awaken the Dawn event that took place in 419 towns across America.

Faith Gourley, President, reports that Aglow was involved in many ways from general support, to finding worshippers, to getting the sound system, and making declarations, worshipping, and praying.

Each Awaken the Dawn event took place beneath a tent. The gazebo at the Clarion Veteran's Memorial Park was used as the 'tent'. The sense was that those who have fought to preserve America's freedom were remembered and honored by using the gazebo.

Cathy Caylor, NE Regional Director, participated, too, decreeing that the NE Region is a new wineskin that is daily filled with fresh, new wine as they give God first place in all they do.

Building relationship within the community is a powerful way to bring unity with Churches, businesses, and families.