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These handouts explain Aglow's three mandates in detail.  They are free for download and reproduction.

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Male/Female Reconciliation Mandate Handouts

Islam Mandate Handouts

Israel Mandate Handouts

  • What is Replacement Theology?
    Replacement Theology states that the New Testament Church has “superseded” or replaced Israel in God’s purposes. Explore the truth behind this theology using scriptural sources.
  • Why Israel?
    Aglow’s mandate to Israel has prompted some to ask, “Why Israel? Why not all the other nations of the world?” This article explains the reasons behind that mandate.
  • Why Aglow and Israel?
    This article further explains the reasons behind the Israel Mandate.

Additional Handouts

  • How We Got to Where We Are
    Since 1967, God has been sovereignly speaking to Aglow about His purposes in the earth and Aglow’s part in those purposes. In the past four years, those purposes have crystallized as the three apostolic mandates. They are prophetic and end-time in nature:  Male/Female Reconciliation, Islam, and Israel.