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At Aglow, we want to provide you with excellent resources that will help you know Christ better and to be more effective in living Heaven to Earth. Many of our resources are free, others can be purchased through our online store.

Featured Resources

AglowNet Websites

Have you ever wanted a website for your Lighthouse, Area Team, Aglow Region or nation with the same look and feel as the Aglow website? The new AglowNet initiative from the Headquarters office may be just the answer to help you get started.




Change Your Game and the Game of Those Around You!

21st Century GameChangers is a powerful personal development program, aimed at producing tested, proven people who can stand in the Presence of God and step into their truest identity. GameChangers is personal because it is only as you grow in your relationship with the Almighty that collectively we become who the Father has seen and desired in the earth. GameChangers is designed to generate momentum within each individual that exposes and eradicates negativity, reframes ways of thinking, and creates a new language that flows from the Fruit of the Spirit.

Watch people sharing their experiences with Game Changers and how it's changed their view of God and themselves.

Together, with the GameChangers manual and CDs or DVDs, you will explore five distinct messages first taught by Graham Cooke in the summer of 2013 to a pilot group of the Aglow family. As you take time with each message exploring the richness of the truth within and engaging the questions at the end of each session, expect to experience personal change; to have the lens of your eyes adjusted to see things more clearly as they were purposed to be seen from the beginning; to have new understanding opened to who you are in Christ, and who Christ is in you.

Upgrades: The Next Level of Anointing

What does the next level of His power and anointing look like for you? In GameChangers, we speak of the next level as, upgrades . As Believers, we are here to bring Heaven to earth. How do we do that? …By becoming so radically transformed within our own beings that we become GameChangers in the world because our game has been changed. Through this transformation, we come to know Him in a new way.

What Does a GameChanger Look Like?

  • A GameChanger is a person who can bring the power, favor, and light of Heaven into the circumstances of earth.
  • A GameChanger has the focus, clarity, and anointing to breakthrough in any situation.
  • A GameChanger has an unstoppable, unbeatable, partnership with God that creates momentum wherever they go.

A New Culture

There has been a brooding of the Spirit over Aglow since our birth in 1967. But there has been a significantly different kind of brooding since 2008, when Graham Cooke gave an incredible prophetic word to this ministry. (See highlights below*) That Word, helped define who God had purposed Aglow to be going forward. Then in 2012, our identity was further solidified when the phrase “Aglow has become a transformational Kingdom culture with mindsets not of this world,” was spoken at our U.S. National Conference in Ontario, California.

God has done an amazing thing with Aglow, from our humble beginnings in Edmonds, Washington to the present as a global ministry reaching nearly 80% of the globe. 21st Century GameChangers has become an integral part of this ministry to further that journey, for each one personally and for all of us corporately; to continue the journey and the story of Aglow as it unfolds in the earth.

*Highlights of Graham’s 2008 Word:

The Father has a dream. His dream is “on earth as it is in Heaven.” His dream includes millions and millions of people set free. Of people coming together to have amazing encounters with Him.

He has a dream of a Church that is powerful, beautiful, and dreadful to the enemy. He has a dream about a people on earth so radically affected by Him that they are totally vulnerable and susceptible to Heaven – a people who are just like Him – unchangeable, unshakable, and unstoppable.

He is looking for a people on earth who are a visual aid of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. That they can say, “This is who God is and this is who He has been to me, and that is why I can share this truth and this impact with you.”

Global Leader Development Materials

Graham Cooke, Tony Hoyt, and Jane Hansen HoytThe Global Leader Development section contains current and strategic materials for developing todays champions, warriors and global leaders. You will find transcripts for messages, links to order DVDs, and teaching materials that will boost your upgrades! 

Global Leader Materials

Living Heaven-To-Earth

book heaven-to-earth coverGod’s agents of victory are the women and men of His Church-women and men who walk together as He originally intended, who partner individually and corporately to advance His Kingdom, whose unique strengths unite to reach the common goal of seeing His purposes realized on earth.