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At Aglow, we want to provide you with excellent resources that will help you know Christ better and to be more effective in living Heaven to Earth. Many of our resources are free, others can be purchased through our online store.

Featured Resources

AglowNet Websites

Have you ever wanted a website for your Lighthouse, Area Team, Aglow Region or nation with the same look and feel as the Aglow website? The new AglowNet initiative from the Headquarters office may be just the answer to help you get started.




What is 21st CenturyGameChangers?

  • The truths in GameChangers are for you personally and for the corporate body of Christ. Your relationship with God will come alive in a way you have never experienced. Learn how all of Heaven is drawn toward Christ who lives within you. Begin to walk in the same favor that Jesus walked in. Listen as your conversations change and you begin to speak out loud what is spoken in Heaven.


Global Leader Development Materials

Graham Cooke, Tony Hoyt, and Jane Hansen HoytThe Global Leader Development section contains current and strategic materials for developing todays champions, warriors and global leaders. You will find transcripts for messages, links to order DVDs, and teaching materials that will boost your upgrades! 

Global Leader Materials

Living Heaven-To-Earth

book heaven-to-earth coverGod’s agents of victory are the women and men of His Church-women and men who walk together as He originally intended, who partner individually and corporately to advance His Kingdom, whose unique strengths unite to reach the common goal of seeing His purposes realized on earth.