Somebody Special: Part 4 - The Holy Spirit

In the last chapter we studied about Jesus Christ and how He came to save us from our sins, how He died, and was raised from death. We also learned that even today He continues to pray for us.

God's Gift of Salvation

Do you believe that God doesn’t care about you as a woman?  That He’s indifferent to your concerns, your hopes, and your dreams?  That He really doesn’t care what happens to you?  Many years ago in another country, there lived a woman much like you.  Her story is recorded in the Bible.  This is what it says.

Somebody Special: Part 3 - Jesus, the Son of God

Jesus is God’s Son, but God loves us so much He sent Him to save the world – that’s me, that’s you, and everyone else.  God didn’t create us and then abandon us to sink or swim.  He involves Himself in our lives as much as we let Him.


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