Do you like to receive gifts?  Most people do. But did you ever know anyone who received a gift and was so sure she knew what was inside she didn't even bother to unwrap it? That's the way a lot of Christians act.

Have you ever wondered what happened to our world? If God created a perfect earth, how did it and the people here (in particular, you) get so messed up?

It’s not very hard to understand. When God made us, He didn’t make us like puppets – He gave us free will. Free will means that He gave us the right to choose; the right to choose good or bad – the right to make wise or poor decisions – the right to obey God or Satan.

As a Christian, have you ever wished for more spiritual power in your life?  More power to resist sin?  More power to tell others about Jesus? More power to love and to live the Christian life as you should?


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