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Prophecy is history written in advance.  Prophetic words come forth as God stands in the future looking back at you in the present and the prophetic word is describing how He sees you and the situations surrounding you in the future.  With prophecy, you are assured of an outcome.  Prophecy reveals your identity from Heaven’s point of view.  Use prophecy to upgrade your thinking about yourself personally and corporately.  Use prophecy to wage war as you walk into the future armed with the confidence of Heaven’s favor.

  • Asher Intrater – Saturday evening session - ‘Ecclesia’, The Global Church pdf icon_small
    In the Saturday Evening Session of the 2015 Global Conference Asher Intrater spoke on the love and commitment of the Messianic remnant of Israel toward the International Church of Jesus Christ, and the great mystery of the relationship between a man and wife as it was made by God to reflect the relationship between Christ and the Church.
  • Asher – Sunday morning - Establishing Yeshua’s Kingdom on Earth pdf icon_small
    In this transcript of Asher Intrater’s message during the closing session of the 2015 Global Conference, Asher delves into the subject of what it means to establish the Kingdom of Yeshua on the earth. We are the glorious Bride of Yeshua, and at the end of this period of time, Yeshua’s Kingdom will be fully established on the earth.
  • 2014 U.S. National Conference - Saturday PM Prophetic Word - Graham Cooke pdf icon_small
    “It is your time to arise, to cross over the Jordan of your circumstances and live in the place that I have provided.” Read the full transcript of the prophetic word spoken by Graham Cooke at the Saturday evening session of the 2014 Aglow conference.
  • 2014 U.S. National Conference - Sunday AM Prophetic Word - Graham Cooke pdf icon_small
    We must learn a different language, a different perception, and a different mindset to walk in the full truth of the magnificent life God has planned for us. This prophetic word spoken by Graham Cooke expounds of how to walk in the high places with Him sitting “far, far above” enjoying the view.
  • Graham Cooke, Washington, DC Sunday Afternoon Session pdf icon_small
    When God gives a prophetic word or message, He is giving you an upgrade. He is standing in your future, speaking to you in the present about who you are becoming. In this prophetic message, God speaks of Aglow becoming a prototype like the world has never experienced. Graham said, “You have a new persona as a company and a word I believe has been spoken over Aglow from heaven. It is a kingdom word and it can only be heard, understood, and acted upon by apostolic personal.” Meditate on this word and allow the powerful truths to impact you and lift you to a higher place.