Asher Intrater

 On Tuesday evening, Asher brought a powerful and inspiring message that God is calling us to a higher level of spirituality, purity and authority.

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Asher Intrater

Come Up Higher

Before Asher gave his message he introduced people from two ministries at work here in Israel.

Basam and Jeser

Basam and Jeser are the pastors of a Christian Arab speaking congregation in downtown Jerusalem. They also minister in the Palestinian territories. They just began a series of 30 online messages about how to reach Muslims. When their daughter was born they heard the word of the Lord that He was going to usher in the end time revival to the Muslim people through the “Miriams”, the women. Miriam has 2 meanings, bitter waters, and overcoming waters. Through the bitter waters of the tears of the Miriams in the land He is ushering in revival.


Tamar and her husband are the pastors of a Tiferet Yeshua, a Messianic Congregation in Tel Aviv. God is doing a new thing in their congregation. After a recent building renovation they have felt a shift toward being more powerful watchmen on the wall. You can’t be watchmen on the wall without a wall, and He is building a new wall of people who are not interested in having a platform, or advancing their egos, but who are solely focused on the Lord and advancing the Kingdom.

Come Up Here

God is inviting us to “Come up here” as spoken about in Revelations 4. We are going to go up to a higher level and we will overcome.

Asher shares that God is calling us to a higher level of spirituality, purity and authority.

When Jesus was challenged by the High Priest He quoted Psalms 110:1-3. The word “rule” in this Psalm is the same word that is used in Genesis 1 when He told Adam and Eve to take dominion over the earth. What God told Adam and Eve to do was not lost, it was fulfilled in Yeshua.

In Ephesians 1 Paul prays for us to get a revelation that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and gave Him eternal life, gives us eternal life.

Forgiveness, Eternal Life, Authority

When Jesus died on the cross His blood gave us forgiveness of sins. That is the single most important event that has ever happened.

That is not all that has happened. There was a second event, the resurrection, which gives us eternal life.

But there was a third event, the ascension. It was for the purpose of dominion and authority. Then He took that authority and gave it to us.

Just as you have forgiveness in His blood, and you have eternal life in His resurrection, you have dominion and authority over every power and every principality in this world.

We need to take hold of this now!

We can’t get solutions to the perplexing world problems on the level we are on right now. We have to go to a higher level.

  1. He went into Heaven and took authority over this world.
  2. He gave it to us.
  3. He invited us to come up higher to be with Him there.
  4. He gave us access to Himself through the Spirit of God.

We have to have overcoming experiences to grab hold of this.


In each of the seven churches Jesus addressed in Revelation, He asked them if they had ears to hear, and then told them that they had to overcome. In the midst of the darkness that is in the world right now we will shine as lights and overcome.

In the book of Revelation the word ‘overcome’ is used 29 times. Only 2 of those times is it referencing being overcome by the beast. 3 times it’s talking about Yeshua overcoming. The other 22 times it is a challenge to the saints of God to overcome.

In Revelation 4:1 a voice said to John, “Come up here!” That invitation is also extended to us.

There is a level of spiritual authority available that we have never known before. To get to that higher level we have to come into agreement.

The Book of Revelation

Read the book of Revelation as a handbook. It says verse for verse how to lay hold of that power.

For example:

  • Revelation 7 – we can be sealed with the power of the Holy Spirit and nothing will harm you.
  • Revelation 8 – Our prayers rise into Heaven like incense and fill up the bowls of the angels and are cast down to earth in the right time in the right place.
  • Revelation 15 – Our praise can overcome the beast.

We have got to come to the place where we pray, speak the word of God, and change the world.

As we take one another’s burdens we rise together hearing His voice and overcoming.

After Asher’s message we came into one mind and one accord in worship and prophetic declarations receiving the power and authority that has been given to us.

The word Nike means overcomer in Greek. Jane encouraged us to be overcomers and “Just do it!”

He is sending us forth with new power, new anointing, and greater revelation.

He is calling every one of us to “Come up here” and “Come up higher!”

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