Diwaniya Being Seen in Remote Villages

Diwaniya is an Aglow sponsored talk-show style program that discusses many cultural, family, and women’s issues which are taboo in Islamic culture. Villages and remote areas in the Middle East are watching Diwaniya for the first time.

It is interesting that most of them are still using 10-foot satellite dishes as their only access to the outside world. Many in remote Middle Eastern areas do not have access to the internet, as most of them live in mud homes. But they do have the huge old satellite dishes outside their homes.

A Middle Eastern Christian lady shared that several remote villages in her nation are also using the 10 foot satellite dishes.

Not only is Aglow reaching the world using modern video/live streaming and social media technology to share the gospel, we are delivering the Gospel via satellite TV to 10-foot satellite dishes outside of mud huts in remote villages in the Middle East.