Grand Cities OutreachRecently, the Grand Cities, MN Aglow joined with 9 other churches to do a community outreach. Prior to the event, the leaders from each participating group came together in unity to “bathe the event in prayer”.

Preparations were made to feed 500 a delicious meal of grilled hotdogs, beans, watermelon, chips, cookies, bars, pop, and water. Different churches and ministries handed out popsicles, water, and tracks.

There was face painting and jewelry making for kids. The whole evening was filled with worship, speakers, and testimonies.

Donated prizes were given away throughout the evening including a mini IPad. Everything was free to those who attended. Many homeless came to the event and blended in with the people, not feeling outcast. God’s love could be felt throughout the whole evening.

An Aglow team hosted a prayer canopy. One team member wrote, “It was amazing to us that it was the men who first started to come and ask for prayer. God touched each one. They would later bring their wives, and we got to pray for them as well. We saw lives (countenances transformed) as we led them to the Lord, prayed for healing, broke generational curses, and led them in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

A woman whose left leg was considerably shorter than the right, was brought into the canopy for prayer. The leg had been broken four times, was twisted, and her ankle turned to the left, crippling her with constant pain. The woman was inebriated when she was brought into the canopy, but immediately upon sitting down began weeping, repenting for the sin in her life, and calling out to God. The team anointed her with oil and suddenly she shouted, "There's no more pain in my ankle!" The team watched as the shorter leg began to grow out from the knee! One team member wrote, “God continued to grow it out to perfectly match the length of her right leg before our eyes!”

The woman got up and began praising God with tears of joy. She later testified over the microphone and gave God all the glory! Everyone was in awe, because they had seen her struggling prior to being prayed for, but at the end of the evening she was walking briskly and evenly. Her leg no longer had any bumps or deformity!

A radio announcer from a local station attended the event, and spoke on air for about 10 minutes about the miracle, and the whole evening.  He said he was “blown away”!

Aglow is breaking through, moving toward fulfillment of the word given to us in January of 2003 that “not one feeble one will leave our meetings”. Expect miracles to increase in the coming days as Aglow groups meet all around the globe.