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jailCarole Kemp, President of the Frederick, MD, Neighborhood Lighthouse was recently honored for over 40 years of volunteer work bringing the gospel to the inmates of the Frederick County, MD, Adult Detention Center. Carole received a Certificate of Appreciation and flowers from the Chaplain.

After a life-changing Bible Study at the church Carole attended, she decided to bring church to the inmates at the jail. They started ministering once a quarter to the men at first, and then it became monthly. At that time there were very few female inmates.

After one of the services, a request from one of the male inmates led Carole to renew a relationship with an old friend who introduced her to Aglow. Carole was unable to fulfill the request of the inmate due to his situation, but God used the request as another life-changer as Carole was introduced to a closer, more intimate walk with Jesus through Aglow.

Later, a new detention center was built and a permanent chaplain was put in place. Carole invited Chaplain Dawson to speak at her church and they became good friends. When he wanted a program for the female inmates that would be close to the Promise Keepers he was doing for the male inmates, he contacted Carole and the Middletown Valley Aglow.

After much prayer the women of Aglow decided to take the challenge the Lord had placed before them and began a weekly study for the female inmates which has continued for about 20 years.

Carole and the team who go into the Detention Center have found it to be a joy to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the women. Lives have been changed both in the women taking the message and the women receiving the good news. God is good.

It is so true that Aglow men and women carry the truth of the Kingdom that restores people to a radiant place of relationship with God and one another.