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Valley of JezreelValley of JezreelThe group began the third day of their journey by gathering on the lawn of the beautiful Gai Beach Hotel overlooking the Sea of Galilee for a time of prayer and preparation for the day.  The Generations bus went for a hike on a portion of the Jesus Trail following in Jesus’ footsteps, and the first timers and repeaters went to the Mount of the Beatitudes.  

From there they continued to Mt. Carmel where the Altar of Elijah stood.  The group prayed and made proclamations over the Valley of Jezreel.  

Generations WorshipGenerations WorshipSandy Wezowicz, Israel Education Director and Watchmen on the Wall, Program Director writes, “From Capernaum to Mt Carmel the Generations led us into a sweet time of worship.  Glenda Fleming brought forth a message reminding us that Elijah walked fully in his identity. He was able to confidently confront and dismantle the works of darkness and display the brilliance of our God.”

“In Capernaum we viewed the synagogue remains.  While they are not the walls of the synagogue at the time of Jesus, it is the exact site, and a very short distance from the house of Peter’s mother-in-law. The remains of a fishing village have been excavated. Each bus spent a time of quiet on the grounds, where we reflected on the deposit of healing and the miraculous that is resident in that place. Capernaum SynagogueCapernaum SynagogueWe called it up for Aglow, for ourselves, and for the Church that the manifest glory of God might be revealed.”