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baby goatAglow Uganda has been partnering for many years in an Aglow Goat Ministry with Fran Lance, long associated with Aglow (Free Lance Ministries). The two ministries work together providing life-giving provision and hope to widows in Uganda who have lost their husbands through war, malaria, HIV and other diseases.

These women struggle daily just to feed their children.  Expenses for housing, food, medical and school fees can be overwhelming.  Through the sale of the baby goats, women are able to buy a cow.

The milk produced by the cow not only gives nourishment to their children, but the women can sell the extra milk and goats produced from the litters to purchase school supplies, medicine, and other basic needs for their families. 

When bred properly, a doe can give birth seven times during her lifetime, producing 1-5 kids per litter. (Milk producing goats are more expensive. The goats that the widows receive are not milk-producing but their offspring provide the ability to trade for a milk cow, or to sell.)

Imelda Bwayo, Aglow Uganda National President writes, I am very grateful for the Goat Ministry to widows and extremely needy women in Aglow Chapters. The ministry has strengthened Aglow in Uganda, and has been run well by the Aglow groups.  I am grateful for the ministry of Aglow which has lifted us up spiritually, and for the Goat Ministry which has lifted widows from poverty.

Testimonies from widows who have benefited from the Goat Ministry

  • Annette is the beneficiary of a pair of goats which were passed on from another widow.  She plans to purchase two oxen from the sale of her goats so that she can farm and raise enough money to support her five children.
  • Margaret has two children whom she supports with the goat project. Whenever she needs school fees or school uniforms she sells off one goat.  Margaret expressed her gratitude for the goat project.
  • After one widow’s goat produced a litter she gave one kid to another widow.  With the remaining litter she purchased a cow which is now giving milk to the family.  The original goat is still producing.
  • Joy K. testified that after passing one goat on to the next widow, the remaining goats continue to deliver.  She sells of one or two from each litter to meet her needs.
  • After passing a kid from a litter on to another widow, one woman was able to purchase a cow. Now she gets money from daily milk sales. She also sells some of the goats for money to support her orphan’s education.  She is very grateful for the goat donation project.
  • Another widow named Margaret said that she is very happy because now she owns something.  Margaret writes, “I received a goat and I have passed on one to another widow.  The next time it produced two and the following time it produced three.  Out of these five I got a cow which is producing milk, and the mother goat is still producing more goats. I am very grateful for this project.”
  • Nansinge gave a goat away after the original goat produced a litter.  The mother goat continued to produce enabling Nansinge to purchase two oxen which she uses to plough the land to produce more crops.  She uses the crops for her family and also sells some.

Aglow International is a Kingdom Movement committed to seeing God’s will done on earth as it is in Heaven. One way we do this is through Empowering people to develop resources that enable them to take advantage of all that God is releasing from Heaven. Aglow Mission