South Hill, VA Community Lighthouse Prospering through COVID

When Rachel Brown, President of South Hill, VA Community Lighthouse (SHACL) sent in a copy of the Lighthouse Ministry Minutes Update, we were amazed to see the impact South Hill is making in their community. We wanted to share their good news with you.

Divine Healing

Martha Magaar from Bhalukhop, Kalimpong (India) shares her testimony of a miraculous healing from a lump in her breast.

Some of the ways the Parkersburg, WV Community Lighthouse has impacted their community is by taking time to minister to families who are experiencing extreme times of need. The team has taken food, helped with cleaning, and even built ramps for those who needed them.


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God is using our Aglow men and women in Africa in amazing ways as they follow Him and believe for miracles. Following are some of the latest stories we've received from around the continent.

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Aglow is thriving in the Middle East. Many are coming to the Lord, and lives are being changed. Due to security concerns, names and places cannot be published on the Aglow website. Please continue to pray for these brave women and men who fearlessly preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to lands so desperately in need of Him.  Whenever you hear things on the news about these nations know that you probably have Aglow sisters and brothers in these places. Use the news for prayer guidance to lift them before the Lord.

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