2016 12 5 thankful“Giving thanks for all the goodness in my life is easy,” writes Katey Fletchall, Aglow NW Missouri Area President. “God is so good, all of the time! But lately I’ve been sitting around feeling lonely. Not because I don’t have family or friends or books or paperwork or countless other things to do. Plenty of work and activity awaits me after my day-job. I love my newfound time in the Word. But something is different. My husband is not present and I’m having a hard time motivating myself without him around. And I thought I would get so much done!”

“When my husband, Randy, suddenly lost his job we were both a little numb. I thought, ‘Okay, God, is this our test in life? I don’t really like this feeling, but I trust You to take care of us.’ When Randy’s only reasonable option was taking a job two hours away, I thought, ‘Living apart a few days a week won’t be so bad.’ As a married couple---33 years and counting---we aren’t meant to live apart. However, GOD has been working through our struggle. My husband found after a day apart that he can’t live without me! (He doesn’t like it anyway.) He found that in spite of the struggle, he can accomplish a lot at work because of God’s gifts in him. He’s found that reading a little devotional every night is doable and maybe even uplifting. We pray together more and talk daily just to hear each other’s voice.”

“Just like Randy and I are not meant to live apart, people were never meant to live apart from their good God and Father, Savior. Redeemer, Healer, and Friend, Jesus!”

“We are working through this struggle by the grace of God and He is growing us into a couple better equipped to serve and glorify Him…together! Just because He is good and we are His children whom He loves!”

“The other night as I was on my way to accomplish a task, some fabulous artwork on my refrigerator caught my eye. It was a drawing of two stick people, minus their middle sections, hugging. One is a bit smaller than the other. Both characters are extremely happy, and the inscription simply reads, ‘I love you because you are my grandma!’ Instantly, the tears began to flow. Just like Gracie loves me because I am her grandma, my God loves me just because I am His daughter. I do nothing to merit His adoration, but He knew I needed to hear His words of acceptance and love through that crude, yet beautiful illustration at this time in my life!”

“Whether you are struggling, or in a season of ease and bliss, may you lean into Jesus all the more, abiding in His unconditional love for you and showing that love and truth to others. For His Kingdom and Glory!”