2016 11 29 appleValleySarah Vanderpool, President Apple Valley California Aglow Lighthouse, recently wrote to us to share the wonderful things that are happening in their group.

Sarah writes:

“Since becoming a partner with Aglow over a year ago I have seen lives changed and miracles happen, not just in my home but in the homes of others as well. I have felt supernatural growth in my daily walk with Jesus as I am pursuing a Godly life. Both myself and my beautiful sister in Christ, Leah, are in awe of God's goodness and faithfulness as He continues to prepare and equip us for this very hour.”

“We currently have about 10 women, sometimes more, who attend our bi-monthly Aglow Lighthouse meeting. Our hope and desire is to see God reveal Himself to these woman in ways they've never known before. We are seeing our group step out in faith and pursue the call He has put in each one of them. Our group provides a safe and encouraging place for all women to come, learn God’s Word, and be directed to Him regardless of their background.”

Here are some testimonies from the ladies.

  • Judy has created a Vacation Bible School for kids with special needs. Having 3 at home, she has seen the pain her kids go through, and wanted to help share the gospel for other children who suffer from the same issues.
  • Veronica has a heart for the homeless. Every time she turns around God, places them smack in front of her. She has ideas to start an outreach to feed them.
  • Andrea has a heart for marriage. She believers her call is to start a Bible study for her local community and friends.
  • Leah just recorded a worship CD. God has given her the gift of song writing and singing. She trusted Him the whole way through. She too has a heart for women and marriage. We have heard the testimonies coming from all over on lives being changed and touched through her anointed CD.
  • Sarah -  feels the need to share her testimony and help teach the women to bring their marriages into alignment with the Word of God.

We are joyfully praising the LORD as HE is the one who has done all this, we give Him all the glory. I recently told my Aglow Area President, Nellie LaBouef, how I know and truly believe that Aglow is an absolute blessing to our group. I hear and see the prophetic words being spoken over Aglow coming to pass, straight to my personal life as well as the group. I receive them! I see and feel the transformations taken place. As I continue to partner with Aglow, I am seeing His holy presence dwelling within me, my home and our Aglow group.