transformation outreach4

Around 100 transformed men and women came to the Transformation Share Partners gathering on Friday afternoon at the 2016 US Aglow Conference to receive training, tickets, and tracts to help them share their faith and pray with people they met. Most walked to a large mall nearby. In a matter of minutes you could see small clusters of Aglow Transformers talking with strangers and praying for them to experience the goodness of God.

Witnessing Stories

  • One woman stopped two young men who were listening intently to their conversation. As they interchanged names and pleasantries the question was asked, “If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven?” With sincere, open hearts, they responded, “We’re not sure.” Then with anticipation, both young men bowed their heads and humbly received Christ into their hearts and lives.
  • A young woman visiting from Mexico was waiting for her sister. Language barriers made the conversation a little challenging, but as she was asked about Heaven, she too wasn't sure if she was going. She prayed, asked forgiveness for her sins, and committed her life to Christ, saying she had “a sense of complete relief and joy”.
  • One of the Aglow Transformation women had a testimony of Jesus setting her son free from drug addiction, and now he is an evangelist traveling the world. It convinced the 3 she had just prayed with that God had amazing plans for their lives.
  • As one young woman was asked if she was a Christian, she said she was ‘religious’. The question was asked, “Would you like to have a relationship with Jesus?” As the good news was being shared, her brother got a bloody nose. Immediately, prayer helped the bleeding stop. The young boy said he didn't know anything about Jesus and wanted to pray. He invited Jesus into his life, profusely thanking the Aglow Transformer for the healing power of God.

As each Share Partner prayed the sinner’s prayer, they let the people know that it was their spiritual birthday. Janet Mangum, Aglow Transformation Director writes, “It was such a delight to hear them realize how significant that moment was, and to hear their desire to tell their family and friends what had just happened to them.”

Janet continues, “These brave and beautiful Aglow Transformers were empowered to share with maids, servers, in hallways bathrooms, and everywhere they went. It didn’t matter what religion or culture the people they met were from, they found the simple Good News message was powerful and life changing. There were so many testimonies of The Holy Spirit connecting them with others. We have no idea how many people are now our brothers and sisters in Christ, healed or delivered by His goodness and grace as a result of the conference outreach.”