2016 11 7WV Aglow Training Meeting
New River Ranch - Beckwith, WV
September 30 - October 1, 2016

As the training for the West Virginia began, a word came through Tammy Zimmerman, Hinton WV Community Lighthouse President, “Open your alabaster box. Sing a new song. I am here. This is a new time, a new season. Don’t hold back, surrender all. Who has heard the good things Heaven has for those who love Him.”

Priscilla Weaver, West Virginia Area Team President responded, “The Lord is filling us with fresh fire. All have a different story and those stories blend into a pleasant sound to His ears. God is a God of compassion. He loves us. Unity is here. He is gathering us in. There is an atmosphere of peace and forgiveness. He is pleased with our worship. Give God the glory for He is healing us. We are living in a time and season to be partaking of the good things of the Lord. We are eating of His Goodness. There is excitement and singing in the Throne Room."

"We are becoming a new creation in Him. God inhabits our praise. There is great joy. Our praise makes a symphony. We are stepping into a new season. A house creaks to release stresses. The house is making adjustments to the pressure and stress being put on it. If you re-align your house, it will not collapse. Your stress will help bring you into alignment. Adjust your mindset and way of thinking. Change your mind, collapse the old way of thinking. Do not settle - re-align.”

All around the world, God has brought a shift into Aglow, moving us out of the way things have always been done to pioneer a fresh, new end time move.  For 49 years we have followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and while all that God has built into us during those years has been precious, there is a fresh arising upon the ministry to come into a place of fullness never before seen in the earth since the early church.

To demonstrate the power of working together as a team – an army – Jenga blocks were used to represent the House of Aglow.  As blocks were removed, a sound of ‘stress’ was heard.  Finally so many blocks were removed that the house collapsed, showing us that in times of difficulty, we must stay aligned with God and connected with each other.  

Knowing that an army must have primary objects, this group looked in depth at the value that a Lighthouse brings into a community.  How a Lighthouse works within a community is dependent upon the needs coupled with the assignments upon Aglow to provide information on today’s crisis points – human trafficking, supporting Israel, unveiling radical Islam while reaching out to moderate Muslims to show them a God of love, working together as male and female, coming to fully understand our identity from God’s point of view, realizing that we are carriers of God’s Presence and all our meetings showcase His Presence.

Aglow teams are building strategic relationships with mayors, fire chiefs, school boards, police departments, etc. We have grown from a ‘nice little fellowship of women’ to a powerhouse placed on purpose in the communities of the world with great responsibility.

We are hand-picked by God for this point in history. We are developing leaders and builders, and GameChangers is helping us see from Heaven’s point of view.

Here are reports from each Lighthouse in West Virginia:

  • Lewisburg is assembling bags for trafficking victims.
  • Hinton is focusing on those who are down and out and feel unloved and unwanted.
  • Madison has a burden to nurture broken women and women of low-esteem brought on through drugs, etc. They will be hosting a “thank-you dinner” for law enforcement.
  • Weston is reaching out to those battling drugs, government officials, and law enforcement.
  • Grafton is showing love to children who are victims of drugs and abuse. They want to make Aglow known in Taylor County and are thinking of renting a billboard to advertise Aglow.
  • Union is promoting churches to work together in Monroe County. They have a good prayer group and want to assume a more important role. Aglow needs more visibility.
  • Gilbert is currently praying and feel strongly the outreach will grow as GameChangers is processed. They want to further reach out to the youth and those who feel unloved. They encourage all to reach out to their local school principals for prayer needs.
  • Parkersburg is also raising visibility in its community.

God wants the best for West Virginia and He is providing!