2016 10 18 policeA couple of years ago, Jean Priest, Minnesota - Northeast Area Team, had in her heart to build a bridge with the local police department. She was encouraged to go for it and pioneer something new! What began as a vision in her heart has grown into the “Adopt-A-Cop” program in Minnesota.

Recently, Jean was asked to write an article for the County Chaplain’s newsletter. In the newsletter Jean wrote:

Our goal is to pray for all law enforcement personnel in our region whether they belong to our denomination or not or even if they do not believe in God at all. We pray each day for their safety, for wisdom, peace and that those blessings extend to their families as well.

Please believe me when I tell you that we stop to pray when we hear a siren. We extend blessings in prayer to every officer in every squad car on the streets of Duluth or any roadway in St. Louis County. Some of us stop officers in coffee shops or at public events to thank them for their service. We buy lunches, make cookies, and ask God to send us what we call ‘divine appointments’. That means we ask God to direct us in our daily activities to meet officers and ask them if we can pray for them individually on a regular basis. We value our privilege to pray with these brave people, so we keep conversations confidential.

Most importantly, we know our prayers are heard by a loving God. Therefore, we believe our prayers make a difference. We believe our prayers save lives. With all of us praying we create an atmosphere of peace and safety that would not be present without prayer. Some people say good outcomes are coincidences. I say when I pray ‘coincidences’ happen. If I don’t pray the ‘coincidences’ don’t happen. Complaints and protests get the attention of the public, but the whispers of prayer by the invisible people, speak loud in the ears of God.

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