2016 10 4 doorKaran Reed, US Northwest Regional Director, recently shared a testimony of how God opened a door for her to share about GameChangers in her work setting.

Karan writes, “I just have to share how marvelous God is, and how He sets us into places He wants to be seen. Last week I took a class for work on Asset Mapping and Building Community Engagement. Sounds interesting right? Well, it went into getting to know the people and organizations in your community in an effort to build stronger communities. The comment was made about knowing your strengths and those of each other. They are always talking about certain books and authors, so I decided to tell them about this ‘other group’ I'm involved with. I explained that we were writing Identity Statements based on scriptures that were important to us, or words that had been spoken over us, and how important it is for us to speak these things out. Everyone was interested, so the teacher asked me to give the name of the teaching and the author. This opened the door for me to tell them about Graham Cooke and GameChangers. I am curious how many will seek it out! Open doors are before us!”

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