2016 9 6 pittsburg policeThe Pittsburg Kansas Community Lighthouse felt led of the Lord to start blessing and actively interceding for their police and fire departments, so they decided to visit and bless them alternating months with both departments. The police and fire departments were very appreciative and as a result have developed a rapport with Aglow.

Prior to the visits the Aglow team met together to intercede and make prophetic declarations over the police and firemen calling for goodness, love, and mercy to flood through all the public guardians.

A Lighthouse advisor donated two media art portraits especially made for each department. The Lighthouse matted and framed them and then honored both departments at a city council meeting with a special presentation of the art.

At the meeting, the Police Chief and Fire Chief greeted Aglow warmly. Kay Wright, Pittsburg Lighthouse President, also spoke during the presentation. An Aglow member noted that many on the city council had tears in their eyes during the presentation and both Chiefs were visibly moved.

The Lighthouse team will continue to make visits to the Chiefs to ask for specific prayer requests.

Aglow, the spiritual first responders, have aligned and come alongside the physical first responders.

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