2016 8 2 prison retreat“This year’s Retreat was the best yet!” writes Jill Meskimen, CA Aglow Prison/Jail Ministry President. Thanks to the prayers and gifts of loving supporters, the team was able to sponsor 24 ladies to attend.

The retreat theme was Isaiah 54:2-3a Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwelling. Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left.

The main speaker was Allison Bown who served in the Aglow Prison Ministry for many years. Allison explored the questions and truths, “What or who has deferred your image of God? Is your image of God accurate? Is that what He is really like? God does not see what’s wrong with you, but what is missing in our experience with Him.” The women were encouraged to be “champion receivers”, and respond to the love with which He first loved us.

At the retreat the women experienced, salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, prayer, praise, teaching and powerful worship. The women also had fun fishing, camping, having campfires, and enjoying each other’s company as family.

This year the California Aglow Prison Ministry celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Testimonies from Aglow Prison Ministry Retreat 2016

  • I am grateful to be given an opportunity to attend Aglow Prison Ministry's 25th annual Retreat. I met amazing women, saw their joy and passion towards Jesus, and experienced their generosity in sharing prayer, experience of life and spirituality. Tuning into the Sprit was not too hard, watching those who changed their lives--coming from the place of struggle, crimes, substance abuse, who could turn their lives 180 degrees with the help of Aglow Ministry. I have it inside of me and I can see it in the lives of these Aglow women. Blessed ~ Vilma
  • I love Aglow! From the very first meeting in the small room of the jail I knew I wanted to be a part of them. I have been blessed with an amazing 'Aglow mother', friend and mentor, who didn't hesitate to come to me the moment I was released from jail. And she has never left me now three years later. And finally I was able to join her at the retreat! Here with my daughter and her best friend this weekend has been a wonderful time of precious worship, filled with testimonies, praise and joy! Not an ounce of negativity could be found among anyone here. I can't wait for next year so we may go again!
  • This weekend I received confirmation from the Lord...and so much LOVE. I was feeling lost in my life and just stuck. But the Lord showed me He never left my side. He holds my hand---like the Father He is. This weekend was so refreshing.
  • I've never seen so many women praising the Lord in one place. Soooo powerful, WOW. I'll be back next year. ~ Karen
  • Joy, peace, love showered over me this weekend, filling me with His Presence again, and giving me forgiveness in my heart and renewed love for my husband who is bipolar. A song is back in my heart, and laughter fills my being. I am RENEWED ~ Loraine
  • This retreat gave me the opportunity to fellowship and worship with strong women of God! I was filled up with the Spirit and I am ready to go out and give others what I received this weekend at the Aglow retreat! ~ Valerie
  • The sweetness of this retreat has really ministered strongly God's love for me and Who He is. I still have a distorted image of myself and at times have not good thoughts about how I think God sees me. I am now called by God to refocus, and focus on what HE says and thinks about me. ~ Lisa
  • This retreat has helped me to understand my identity in Christ. Thank you for this awesome time with the Lord. ~ Brenda
  • I want to thank you so much for making it possible for me to go to the Aglow retreat this year. I have had an amazing spiritual time. I have learned about God and made several new friends that I will be connecting with forever. I am very excited to grow into this ministry and for my future with Aglow! ~ Jennifer
  • Listening to all the Graduate’s testimonies, basking in worship and being ministered to has given me new tools to go deeper with my Heavenly Father and pay no mind to the enemy. This experience has given me a heart of peace and lifted me up in love and strength! ~ Melissa
  • Before I came [to this retreat] I had been falling into a pit of depression. I hadn't given my time to Jesus much at all, and honestly with the lack of love, depression and my own poor time management I had forgotten why it was so important to bask in the Spirit in the first place. I was completely guarded when I came and was already stuffed full of unexpressed emotion. I never thought I could improve my spiritual state in the short lived time I was here [at the retreat]. I've always believed in Jesus, but until I came here I never truly felt saved. ~ Lily
  • Getting to know Jesus for Who He is in my life and who I am in His life is a great revelation and spiritual experience. I am reminded once again that God never abandons us wherever we are, whatever my walk with the Lord might be. I am reminded to be motivated by the love of God, by being obedient and being in His will at all times. Less focused on self and more focus on Jesus…beholding and becoming like Him. ~ Angela