2016 7 26 jenny2

After receiving the Aglow email to pray for local police, Jennie Newbrough, East Liverpool OH Community Lighthouse Advisor, organized a prayer service for the police department in her hometown of Weirton, West Virginia. Desiring to take action on Jane’s call to support your local law enforcement, Jenny contacted the Weirton Police Chief whom she knows well, and he responded with a grateful ‘Yes’!

Jennie writes, “People immediately began to rally the call. We had 12 police officers, some of their families, the major, councilmen, pastors, leaders, 2 TV stations, the local newspaper, and about 100 from the body of Christ. We followed the prayer points in Jane’s email and had a worship team lead a couple of songs, all on the grounds where our Police Department is located. It was 90 degrees hot, but everyone stood in the sun, prayed, worshipped, and thanked our men in blue! God did SO much! Aglow is unifying force!”

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