2016 4 12 texasThe southern border of U.S. Regional Director, Shelly Morales’, land in Texas abuts government property. It is currently only used to store Border Patrol vehicles and equipment. The fence that forms the southern boundary is an old government fence, about 10 feet high and topped with barbed wire. It's overgrown with brush from the government’s side in a lot of places, sometimes coming under and over the fence and blooming into large bushes, some with very pretty flowers.  

Recently Shelly noticed that the overgrowth in one remote place was dead. After pulling some of it away she discovered a manmade hole in the fence most likely used for those entering the United States illegally from Mexico. She knows that they come through her property occasionally, although they stay pretty much out of sight.

Shelly believes that the Lord showed her something prophetic from this. She writes, “What I sensed from the Lord as I stared at this, was that as we clear out more and more of the debris, what is dead and of the old wineskins, we will see entryways that the enemy has tried to make illegally into our land, our territory. It was quickened in me that it is imperative in this new season that we clear out the old. We must remove the debris that we don't even realize is debris because it might be decorated with things that appeal to our senses. God is giving us strategies to take the land but we have to do our part and prune out what is fruitless. Seeing this really startled me into a new awareness.”

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