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Philadephia OutreacesMary Washam, President of the Philadelphia, PA NE Community Lighthouse, sent in a beautiful report that shares the many outreaches into the community that the Lighthouse is doing. There are times that they work hand in hand with Hope Christian Tabernacle Church and Hope Matters, Inc. More hands complete more work.

When the Lighthouse saw the needs at the Redemption House, a shelter for women, they purchased purses and filled them with personal hygiene and health items such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb and brush, washcloths, soap, lotion, Q-Tips, bandages, underwear, and other items. The women were delighted to receive such thoughtful gifts.

An amazing opportunity presented itself at a Vet’s Center. The group helped provide Life Skill Classes and then were asked to help spruce up the two bathrooms. They were given donations from a pennies collection jar and other donations to assist them in refreshing the bathrooms.

Next, the Lighthouse collected plastic bags and wove them together to make a mattress-like pad for the homeless to use for a makeshift bed. It is amazing what Aglow women can do when they put their minds together to meet a need.

At Edna’s Apron Food Program, the Lighthouse both helps provide food for those in need and then helps distribute to families as requested.

One of the favorite outreaches is at the Ronal McDonald where they helped to cook and prepare a meal for the families who are staying there while their child receives medical treatment. Mary said that they felt they received blessings in return as they served the families.

In a time when the whole world is being shaken, God’s people who live from an unshakeable Kingdom can be found doing acts of kindness and giving practical helps. What you do makes a difference and sets you apart as the help God has sent for this generation. What will He give your Lighthouse to do in your community? We would love to hear your stories.