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ElephantJoyce Wilson, President of the South Central Ohio Area Team, recently sent in the Annual Area Action Plan and the Ministry Update. One of the most exciting goals the team has is a prayer strategy to enable the team to see a Lighthouse birthed in each of their 29 counties. That is the way to eat an elephant – one bite at a time. Knowing that Aglow has a prophetic word to have a Lighthouse in every city and town around the globe, to birth one in each county in South Central Ohio is the way to see this accomplished. 

During the last two years, the Lighthouses in the South Central Ohio Area re-evaluated how they were able to hold their meetings because of COVID. Some closed for a few months and then reopened. One went to prayer calls then reopened only to have to revert back to prayer calls to keep connected. Some of the Lighthouses never closed and found that attendance was steady and in some cases even increased! Joyce said, “We believe that so many of our leaders and attendees are praying and pressing in to the Lord and is causing a fresh fire to fall in the Lighthouses and communities.” 

While their Spring Retreat was cancelled by the hotel last year, they held a one day even in July and had a wonderful turnout. The people were so happy to be together and it was a great encouragement. 

Joyce said that the Area Team is a very hands on team. They love attending the Lighthouse meetings to support each group. She said, “One of our Area Team is serving as an Acting President of a Lighthouse because the President had to step down. This particular group has had 2 meetings and has a new officer, a praise and worship leader, and a new advisor. This group has new life!” 

Even though COVID kept some groups from meeting publicly, the Portsmouth Lighthouse held a large outreach in the park. Several other Lighthouses joined in to help. It was an all-day event even with preaching, praise and worship going non-stop. They gave out clothes, food, personal hygiene items, and even served a hot meal. While it rained really hard all afternoon, the Aglow ladies stayed and people kept coming in as the area is a place where many homeless and addicts hang out. One couple offered to buy Aglow a big tent so that the event could be held again next year and the rain wouldn’t cause a problem. God is so good! 

Other outreaches have included prayer walks around schools and downtown districts. While on some prayer walks, the teams handed out care bags to the homeless. Another group took toys to a local emergency room for young patients. Pillowcases were donated to a camp for disabled children. Another group collected pennies for a Pregnancy Center. Cleaning supplies were donated to an Outreach Center to help those in need. Some gave care baskets. One group even knitted hats to give to a Pregnancy Center. 

Several different people attending Lighthouse meetings have been delivered from drug addiction and have continued to abstain from drug usage. One mom had not heard from her children in 10 years and after prayer, her son called her and invited her to go on a cruise with him. 

God is faithful. All we do is show up. He does the work through us. Thank you South Central Ohio Area for being ones to bring change into your communities!