We Thrive On Giving Back

Lisa Lynn, President of Greer, SC Community Lighthouse says that she and Kathy Hannah, VP of Financial Development find great satisfaction in serving the community as they both grew up in Greer. As Lisa says, “We thrive on giving back to our wonderful community.” 

Before Lisa became President, she participated in GameChangers with the rest of the team. Feeling led to lead a new GameChangers group three years ago, Lisa met a lady who, along with her husband, had been feeding the homeless with the help of a church in a neighboring community. Because this new friend was attending the Greer Aglow group whenever she could, the team offered to come alongside Breaking Bread for Jesus to prepare food and serve one Saturday every other month to help feed those who needed help.

Today, Breaking Bread for Jesus has been given land and a building and they offer meals to those on the streets or those in need of a hand up. The Greer team still helps one Saturday every other month. Through taking LifeChangers, new members have joined to help serve and to step into open positions of the Greer Lighthouse Team. 

Recently, it was Greer’s Saturday to help prepare food and serve. While Breaking Bread for Jesus offered a special breakfast with Santa that morning, the Greer Team prepared meatloaf, mashed potatoes, slaw, and dessert for 120. This Saturday was especially heartwarming as the team was able to pray with a precious couple who had been living in their car. Lisa said, “As I was praying with them and for them, God immediately humbled me to remind me how much I have to be grateful for.” 

The couple had both just gotten jobs and were so grateful for the food and the love of Jesus that was shared with them. One of the team members took information from the couple so they could come back to meet with them the next week to provide clothes and toiletries. 

Aglow groups all around the world are touching people in their communities one by one in practical ways. It takes so little to be above average in this day and age. God has a prepared people group in Aglow and He is working through us to touch the forgotten, lonely, lost, and hurting. Let us know how you are reaching out so we can tell others. Let us know how you are praying in your community to see Heaven come to earth.